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Speckled Sea Trout Fishing FL

Speckled Sea Trout Fishing

Speckled Sea Trout Fishing
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Speckled Sea Trout
Speckled Sea Trout Fishing in and near Florida

Speckled Sea Trout Fishing In Florida

Speckled or Spotted Sea Trout, also known as Cynoscion Nebulosus. Contray to its name the spotted trout is not a member of the trout family but of the drum family. Around our parts we call them “specks” where as people from the North call them “spots”. The dorsal and tail fin are always spotted. Occasionally, a spotted seatrout is captured with spots only on the fins and not the body. Spotted trout get to 20 lbs. and the Florida record in Florida is 17.7 lbs. was caught in Ft. pierce FL on the East Coast.

We will fish for these spots on shallow grassy flats and by mangroves. The best bait is live shrimp while over fishing flats and oyster bars. The mature males make a “drumming” sound to attract females during the mating season. There are regulations for the spots, you can take them over 15-20 inches, 4 per day

These fish have an excellent texture and flavor. Make sure you keep this fish chilled because the trout lose quality quick if left unchilled. Not to be eaten raw since they have a tendency for the spaghetti worms along the backbone. Fried seatrout is a Southern tradition and is the best way to serve.

Catch 4 per angler per day 15-20”

Speckled Sea Trout Fishing FL


Speckled Sea Trout Fishing
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