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Nurse Sharks Fishing FL

Nurse Sharks Fishing

Nurse Sharks Fishing
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Nurse Sharks Fishing in and near Florida

Nurse Sharks Fishing In Florida

The nurse shark or Ginglymostoma Cirratum is a sluggish bottom dwelling shark that is one of the tamest sharks in our waters.  They only average about 9 feet and 200 lbs.  The reason I see for the name is because they like to lay around together in their “nursery” group and sleep all day.

The nurse feeds mainly on the bottoms on invertebrates such as spiny lobsters, shrimp and crabs.  The nurse shark has small mouth, but its large pharynx allows it to suck in food items at high speed. This system probably allows the species to prey on small fish that are resting at night when they prefer to feed.

The Miami Herald Fishing Guide used to call them "good" eating, but to us the nurse shark is more of a nuisance and not a great catch but you can keep one that is 54” in fork length.

Did you know……  In the old days, the nurse shark was used for it’s liver oil that was used as fuel. The skin was considered the best of the shark species, being extremely tough and thick, it was used to make high quality leather. The skin also was occasionally salted for human consumption.

Nurse Sharks Fishing FL


Nurse Sharks Fishing
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