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Hogfish Fishing FL

Hogfish Fishing

Hogfish Fishing
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Hogfish Fishing in and near Florida

Hogfish Fishing In Florida

We fish and catch Hogfish in the Naples area. Hogfish are being known as Hog Snapper or  Lachnolaimus Maximus hogs get to 20 lbs. with the Florida record of 19.8 lbs. that was caught in Daytona on 4-28-62.  Hogfish have a pig like snout, via the name “hogfish “so they can easily feed on the bottom and root in sediment.  They are commonly caught on a 20 lb. braid and 20-30 lb. fluorocarbon leader #3 circle hook, and a 2-6 oz. weight.  We usually catch Hogfish between Jan thru April when we are fishing for mangrove snapper. 

Hogfish come in varied colors from pearl white to mottled in brownish-red and have a black spot at the rear base of the soft dorsal fin. The males tend to be more colorful than females.  Their jaws are very distinct and strong so they can crush shellfish easily.

This is another species of fish that is born, becomes female then through social dominance can transform into a male.  There are many scientific reasons why the fish wants to become a male and most of them agree it is because the male is dominant and usually that means more power!

Considered excellent food quality….considered the “filet mignon” of fish taste, it’s delicate and has no fishy like taste.  Since the meat is so tender I advise my Team to cook carefully and enjoy.

Can catch 5 per day per angler 12” min

Hogfish Fishing FL


Hogfish Fishing
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